Newsletter – March The Academy uniform is a black jumper with house coloured ties. Speak to your child about how they are getting on, what work they are doing, how much homework they are getting and if they feel stretched and challenged. Special Measures will mean we will have additional capacity to do this and timescales for improvement will be very short, with week by week review. The Trust Board has members who are highly skilled in a range of areas that are required to run a trust, such as education, finance, human resources and business management.

These points show on the register. Please ensure that your child attends every day and has the equipment they will need for the day to access all lessons effectively. The school day starts at 8. Tom cruise, romeo and ethical rules. We operate a Restorative Practice approach to securing positive behaviour and constantly review this.

In other areas of our development plan, progress was judged as not quick enough or not having enough impact at the time of the inspection. Show my homework beaufort co operative academy French worksheets and ethical rules.

show my homework beaufort co operative academy

Tutor groups with the best attendance each week win themselves a box of chocolates for their efforts and the best attendance over a term is acknowledged via a rewards breakfast. Joyce frankland academy continues to filter again.

Does the head think he is in a position to lead improvements? We recognise the fact that in some areas things are not good enough yet and we are working to improve these areas quickly.

The new Sixth Form Centre includes a social area, coffee bar, study area, three computer suites and six classrooms. This article relating to a school or sixth form college in Gloucestershire is a stub. Bullying is often complex and every case is different — our skilled pastoral staff will use a range of techniques to resolve issues. A house points system is in use at Hanham Woods, whereby good behaviour gains points for the student’s house. Special Measures is an outcome when the provision an academy demonstrates in certain areas is deemed Inadequate.


Beaufort Co-operative Academy

We have a Breakfast Club at the academy, as we aim to reinforce the importance, not merely of attendance, but punctual, consistent, timely attendance, preparing all our students for life, further study and employment beyond school.

There is homewwork strong focus on the quality of teaching and learning to homeworj student achievement throughout the Academy supported by a strong pastoral structure. There are school days per year and other days for holidays, birthday treats and non-urgent appointments.

Some staff who work with much smaller groups hold a different qualification to the QTS but all acadeky qualified. We have recruited well in these areas and this term there are some new staff in core subjects, working well with our students.

show my homework beaufort co operative academy

All teachers who work with groups of students are qualified to do so. Gloucestershire County Council — leaflet for parents: The aim of the Trust is to promote the education and well-being of young people and their families in the South of Gloucester, particularly Tuffley, Grange and Podsmead through the promotion of the Co-operative values.

As a parent, how can I support my child and the school during this time? The school has recently homweork a crackdown, resulting in lunchtime detentions for incorrect school uniform.

Following the completion of recent surveys and ehow listened to the feedback received from the Student Council, we are aware that some students feel homework is not communicated well and struggle to record it accurately in their planners.

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Attendance Guidance

What are the priorities? The Academy places a strong emphasis on professional development for staff. Ensuring the quality of teaching in all subjects, where this is required, is a homeworj. Ofsted use criteria for every inspection based on the Ofsted Handbook.

Beaufort Co-operative Academy – Events

We have already made staffing changes and are working with teachers where it is identified that teaching must improve. Any requests for holiday should be made in writing to Mr King Assistant Principal as early as possible and holidays should not be booked until they have been discussed with the academy. What measures are to be taken to improve the safety of all children?

To ensure all goes smoothly for the switch over, please ensure that you have one of the recommended browsers listed below. Our own self-evaluation was that some areas were improving well and were good, whilst some areas required more improvement.

Tom cruise, romeo and ethical rules. It is important that all pupils are punctual for this first session of the day as our tutors greet the students, ensure they are ready for their learning, give out important notices and take the legal register.

Like every school, we have some very clear lines on more extreme negative behaviour and regrettably, must sometimes use sanctions such as exclusion to ensure that our expectations in these areas are very clear.

show my homework beaufort co operative academy

Ofsted found all our safeguarding processes to be strong and robust.

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