These templates are meant to assist you with the formatting and production of your thesis, but you must ensure that your thesis meets SGPS formatting requirements. Connecting materials to provide logical bridges between the different chapters Appendices This section to contain details of methodology, tabulated data, and other pertinent data not provided in detail in previous chapters. Leave a margin of at least 38 mm 1. The candidate’s program must take reasonable steps to avoid recommending an Examiner whose relationship with the candidate or Supervisor could be seen as jeopardizing an impartial judgment on the thesis. One of my personal favorites is the broken-down car halfway in a body of water.

In addition, you may judge that some of the obligations of the resolution should be given priority. Students should contact their program for these regulations. Thesis students are expected to prepare a 10 minute powerpoint presentation, presented at the beginning of their thesis examination. The repository transmits regular reports via e-mail to the author on how often the work is accessed. These acceptable types are:. While your abstract is designed with your subject peers in mind, the Summary for Lay Audience communicates the importance, impact, and content of your thesis to a broader audience.

The following system is to be used: A candidate may not submit a thesis that has been previously accepted for a degree, but may, with the permission of the Graduate Program, incorporate material included in a previous thesis. In high school I encountered more bullying but for different reasons and I thexis quit school.

Preliminary Submission

When you are ready to submit your decision, select “Submit review ” Follow the directions provided under “Approval to Proceed to Publication”. One of my personal favorites is the broken-down car halfway in a body of water. Each is presented in an integrated-article format without an abstract. The thesis must indicate in what respects the investigation has increased knowledge of the subject.


To save you from wasting money, we provide a revision of all written papers. The Chair collects the completed forms and tallies the results. The candidate is asked to permit the release of the thesis to be used for research and also to agree to allow the non-exclusive right to reproduce or loan copies of the thesis in micro-form, paper, or electronic formats.

At the end of the Abstract should appear a list of keywords. Home Administration Regulations 8. Required elements of the monograph thesis: If the Thesis Content and Thesis Form is Judged Unacceptable If there is not a majority of Examiners who judge the written thesis to be acceptable, SGPS cancels the Thesis Examination, and the Vice-Provost Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies appoints a Re-Submission Hearing Committee which reviews the case and decides whether or not to allow the candidate to prepare a revised version of the thesis for examination and, if so, the time limit for doing so.

You will also find a timeline on this site which identifies the deadlines for submitting your thesis to graduate within a specific term. In addition, you are required to submit the following to the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies before publication can occur:.

sgps thesis submission

The candidate must ensure that the abstract refers to all the elements that would make the thesis worth consulting. Determine if the thesis and the candidate meet recognized scholarly standards for the degree Appraise the thesis for content – its underlying assumptions, methodology, findings, and scholarly significance of the findings.

The completed examiner reports are confidential to the Vice-Provost Graduate sgs Postdoctoral Studies. Normally, candidates have up to 6 weeks to submit the final thesis after examination.


This ensures adequate time for:. Shivayogi also wrote a highly respected scientific encyclopaedia called the Vivekachintamani ; it was translated into Marathi language in and Sanskrit language in and. Examples may also include some additions, deletions or editing of text; further analysis or discussion of some piece of data.


The Preliminary or Pre-Examination Evaluation of the Thesis Each Examiner must independently and without consultation, decide whether the thesis meets the scholarly standards for the discipline and degree. The Thesis Examination may be postponed or cancelled if any step in the examination process is not completed on schedule e.

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Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers. The Examiners’ approval may be conditional on the candidate successfully completing revisions to the thesis content. Argumentative analysis essay d a r e essay winners?

sgps thesis submission

It is not appropriate for the Chair to ask the Candidate Thesis related questions during the examination period.

Please note that revisions and gsps thesis submission are due 6 weeks after a successful thesis examination.

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Custom Writing Service – Great Discounts. The thesis examination usually lasts 2 hours. The signed Certificate of Examination subission be retained in the student’s file within the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Write down your thoughts on a rough draft and then re-write and organize your thoughts to make your essay sound perfect.

An effective title makes the thesis accessible to other scholars. Distributed by Columbia University Press,

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