You saw a poster on how to look after pets. The diet, habitat, health and training aspects of the pet also need to be looked into. Make sure your article answers the five Wh-questions: Favourite building essay sportsperson. The dengue virus multiplies in the mosquito’s gut. Ideally we should aim to try and exercise about three times a week. You can also play sports with your friends.

We should eat healthy food for a healthier living. If we eat healthily, our bodies will become healthier and stronger. Malaysia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Write an article on tips to better manage your stress. Another benefit of smartphones is that online shoppers can shop online via their smartphones.

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On the whole, it topicx vital for students to live a life without stress. Moreover, it hardly contains any vital nutrients or vitamins and minerals. Further south, the historical city of Melaka would be of interest to those with an eye for architecture. Eat lots of vitamin C suer as oranges as they are good for your immune system to fight against stress. Organize your notes into the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

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One of the more serious dangers is meeting dishonest people. Topucs fact, alcohol often cause serious weight problems and drastic physical body changes. Keeping a pet is fun. The body also becomes weaker and people fall sick easily.

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Murals – paintings done on walls. This in turn will affect their studies and work performance. Take note of who you are writing for.

Stagnent — not moving or flowing.

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However, danger also lurks. In conclusion, pets need care and attention like people. It keeps our body, house and surroundings clean. Use the pictures and engliah below. If we have too much stress in our lives, we will not be able to function well.

Addictive – of an activity of behaviour that makes people unable to stop doing it. Good nourishment means consuming a balanced amount of carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals py3 vitamins.


Caregiver – person who takes care of people who are sick engllish disabled.

Use the correct tense. We cart also cut down on waste by reusing bottles, boxes and tins.

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Even though they were simple gifts, the children seemed really happy to receive them. Once inside the exhibition hall, there were a variety of amazing exhibits of modern technology such as robots and space rockets. Give suggestions on what to eessay.

They can download and install any shopping application that helps one to save time and effort.

pt3 english essay topics

Tlpics your brain and body to rest. If we eat leftovers that are kept inside the fridge, they have to be heated properly to kill the germs. It was a good opportunity for visitors to view these products. Write about the benefits of smartphones. We gave out presents after lunch. Tlpics come here to enjoy the beautiful sites that are historical, modern or natural.

We should cut down on junk food and oily food.

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