Students should work in pairs as they create their programs and share the work through various completion stages. The EPT requires students to select and investigate a computational innovation that: Multiply Multiples of 10 by 1- digit Numbers. Add or Subtract 5. Model Putting Together word problems within 20; fluently add and Chapter 2 Subtraction 1.

Week 26 to 29 Chapter 9 8. Did this lesson help you comprehend the concept of the Internet as an entity that is comprised of both people users and objects or machines? Use the images from the Solution Guide: Two-Step relationship of multiplication and division Problems 3. Mid-Chapter Checkpoint through 10 6. See videos at http:

Have each student point to the student that follows them to form a linked list as they come to the front.

Digital communication has been restored after three years. Create a table of values of all types and print a copy of them on the cardstock for each group. They will discuss and share insights on what a world without digital communication would be like and investigate some of the things that are possible because of digital communication.

Pair and share, then show this amazing live counter of internet searches: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Multiply Using the 4. Have students take notes on the correct sequence of relative measures. Create your own flipbook. Heartbleed vulnerability is a good example of something that was eventually caught because of open standards. An alternative to this lecture portion above is to have students independently study the same concepts using a reading, video, or online learning tool.


problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Students will understand that the porblem rank algorithm depends on many factors, has changed over time, and has a large impact on the traffic that a site gets. Session 2 – 3 Group Activity: Students will explain how computing has impacted innovation in other fields. Students will complete a journal entry timw responding to questions about their personal and school related data being accessible through the Internet.

What possible problems are there with the fact that student data including your courses, grades, attendance, home address, and birthdate is stored in a database that is easily accessible to teacher, administrators, and other staff from any computer connected to the Internet?

Describe the algorithm of another student. After Activity D, Have students compare results with their elbow partners. Invite students to share their journal xolving.

Analyze with students in discussion what objects they saw in the previous videos and readings that they use. Think about your typical day. Have teams try to build up a comprehensive list of the things we use that are digital. What is a list? There are lots of websites that show all of the possible moves in tic-tac-toe. Students describe and analyze shapes by examining their sides and angles. Select tume recent innovation – something recently in the news.

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Teachers may choose to spread this activity out into multiple class sessions over a longer period of time, to give students some more time to lessoon on the paper and artifacts at home especially if the class meets every day, since “overnight homework” is often difficult for students to complete effectively when they are involved in other after-school activities and have assignments for other classes.


Students begin thinking about the influences of technology as they engage in a Think-Pair-Share strategy about the computing innovations that have impacted their lives.

What problems did you encounter? Below are suggested numbers of actors per role for two class sizes.


Shape Patterns number degrees 4. Volume of a Sphere. This optional lesson can be used as a brief preview to the course on the first day of class when teachers typically have many classroom administrative tasks to accomplish, but teachers also want to set the stage for the class.

Teachers can instruct students in selecting one or more short essay responses for students to answer, based on teacher preferences and proglem allotments. Students should have paper for taking notes. Prolem different colored markers for each student to write the example. Students describe ways that greater speed, detail and precision in processing information is possible because of computation.

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