This appeared consistently and is a strong theme that emerged from the data. J Community Appl Soc Psychol. What is an adequate sample size? With permission from participants, each interview was audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim by the first author. Portability and the variety of activities and social media platforms available on MTSDs made it even harder for parents to monitor or limit their use.

For example, when they are watching shows, they are often inclined to continue watching another episode to the extent that their homework or sleeping time was delayed:. Sometimes they manage to get the first number and last number, then they start guessing [the other numbers]. Accessed 2 Feb Braun V, Clarke V. For adolescents, questions covered types and ownership of MTSDs used, types of activities carried out, routines of use on weekdays and weekends, breaks taken, multitasking, perception of amount of usage and parental rules or restrictions. Examples of how they used MTSD frequently throughout the day are:.

The power of the “like” in adolescence: Several influences of MTSD use were reported by adolescents and parents, which could be categorized into functional, personal and external influences:. Availability of internet, coupled with the multiple functions and activities offered especially when online, including use for entertainment or relaxation to occupy themselves, further encouraged adolescents to use MTSDs.


How many interviews are enough?: They usually sought permission from their parents and borrowed their smartphones to use instead. The semi-structured format was adopted as it allowed for discussion of new topics raised by participants and for any nuances to be pursued [ 36 ]. Surely got twitter messages coming. However, if such usage becomes excessive or problematic, it can be detrimental to their academic performance, social relationships [ 40 ], mental [ 11 ] and physical health [ 18 ].

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Contrasting perceptions on the amount of use between parents and their adolescents found in this study might also contribute to non-compliance from adolescents. Some used multiple MTSDs – both smartphone and tablet or more than one smartphone.


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Many of the adolescents, especially those who owned a MTSD, used MTSDs frequently throughout the whole day during weekdays and weekends, whenever possible. I mainly use my phone to watch YouTube and use WhatsApp So, [whenever] I see her, the mobile phone usually will not leave her… just like [it is] attached to her every time [I see her]. For the adolescents in post-secondary schools, the rules seemed to be generally less strict; they were able to use MTSDs at any area in the school, and at any other time except during lessons unless allowed by teachers.

Mobile technology dominates school children’s IT use in pgae advantaged school community and is associated with musculoskeletal and visual symptoms. Hence, some adolescents were not conscious of taking breaks and pate stopped using only when they need to carry out other tasks or activities:.

Cohen D, Crabtree B. Additional file Additional file 1: Then I use iPhone to communicate with my friends, if I need to find them I will then text them.

Associated Data Supplementary Materials Additional file 1: Cyberbullying in children and youth: Personal activities commonly included social activities such as messaging using WhatsApp, social media on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, and making phone calls. There were penalties such as confiscation of MTSDs if adolescents disobeyed the rules.


EKH helped in data analysis and reviewed the codes and themes generated. For adolescents, questions covered types and ownership of MTSDs used, types of activities carried out, routines of use on weekdays and weekends, breaks taken, multitasking, perception of amount of usage and parental rules or restrictions.

Homework was one of the common tasks where adolescents reported using MTSDs intermittently. Hence, parents were sometimes unsure if their adolescents were compliant with the measures. Concerns on MTSD use i Concerns from adolescents and parents The adolescents generally did not raise many concerns on their MTSD use; only a few mentioned that their eyesight might have been affected from it.


A qualitative study into parental mediation of adolescents’ internet use. Abstract Background The use of mobile touch screen devices, e. Lack of self-control This study has also pointed out a general lack of awareness, concerns and self-control of MTSD use from the adolescents, which could have contributed to high and frequent MTSD use, and non-compliance with parental rules or restrictions.

Addiction to MTSD use should be avoided as it can result in detrimental effects such as stress, depression or reduced physical activity [ 5556 ].

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Interestingly, a few adolescents also mentioned that they eventually ended up getting bored with using MTSDs after some time, although they were kept occupied honework entertained by them initially, for example:.

All the adolescents reported that their schools have rules on MTSD use in school, which limited the amount mted their use during school hours. She will be faced with all the peer pressure, and this is the time when she makes friends. At home, adolescents used MTSDs at various places, such as on the sofa or dining table, in the living room or kitchen, on the study table or in bed in the bedroom, and even in the toilet, which were similarly noted by their parents too:

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