Let me help you. In it recorded 3, million pesos and went public. With Kitchner the word strategic became a completely new meaning. Will pay 40 toea equivalent to 24 US cents per kilo live weight. As explained in the case the competitor had an advantage in terms of brand name, the profitability, the customer base they had. He put his focus on resolving the managerial issues such as hiring local staff and menu variations.

For example, the menu offered in Hong Kong is almost the same as the Filipino one, knowledge of what to sell has simply been brought in from headquarter case page. This reflects that there exists a huge market for Jollibee in Hong Kong but before setting up another store at Hong Kong they need to resolve their issues there. From the above section we can conclude that there exists several challenges of how the subsidiary in Hong Kong has previously been structured, for example has one of the sub-franchisees tried to suggest changes to the menu. We have drawn this inference from the case which mentions that what Jollibee wanted previously following international strategy as they thought they can sell Filipino cuisine in all parts of the world targeting the expatriates. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. The key to achieve economies of scale is selecting the right location to attract traffic and a highly efficient operation management.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In addition, the store-level managers were all Filipino while little crew were Chinese and staffing problems consequently grew. We found that the expatriate-led strategy have prevented further stuyd of the company on the Hong Kong market. Analysis Jollibee uses growing globalized strategy to jillibee the taste of their food worldwide and try to focus on serving the unique Philippine taste to the world.


Jollibee Case Study Essay

The firm as mentioned in the executive summary was in between the internationalization and localization strategies. We have through this case analysis provided a complete picture of the Jollibee operations along with the strategies and the way ahead. The company had been taught an early lesson: Furthermore the implementation of the international menu was not as successful as expected case p.

The Tan family, however, was still the owner. Jollibee Food Construction does not have the competitive advantage of a first mover and is not alone on the market. At last the stores are required to report and evaluate continuously about every aspect of operations in detail in order to keep Jollibee up to date and to get supported.

The market as described nollibee a decent outlet to eat at. In conclusion, as Jollibee decide whether or not to establish one more store in Hong Kong, they have to look over their strategic control over its subsidiaries.

The main challenge for Jollibee now is how to realize, and best use, the knowledge that resides in Chinese workers.

jollibee case study conclusion

They instead argue that for successful offshore business, one must understand how communication flows within the different sub-units of the organization. So that the menu can be varied according to regional taste. Once the lease or purchase had been fixed local store managers had been hired. How about make concludion original? Just before the opening Assistant Managers jolliibee 4 per store and Crew Members are being hired.

We will write a custom essay sample on. An analysis presented that the company is currently in between the internationalization and localization strategy. Furthermore one major challenge to successfully establish a fourth store and gain more market share is to adapt the prevailing menu to the Chinese taste.


Initially the concentration was on targeting the Filipinos and the hope was to expand to all customers throughout the U.

He put his focus on resolving the managerial issues such as hiring local staff and menu variations. Strategic Management Journal 21, pp.

One year later, however, it was shut down due to discrepancies between store manager and Jollibee. The reason Jollibee was successful in the Philippines was due to the following reasons: As a result all of the managers report to Tan directly, including the international division. People were telling us not to go international until jollibse had solved these two issues: Further we will examine what kind of challenges Jollibee Foods Corporation is facing with its expansion to Hong Kong.

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Their venture in Guam was a success showing that the food was liked more by Americans conclusin there. Cooperation reduced to a minimum so that the International Division felt that they did not get supported any more. Jollibee meets several tasks in their offshoring project, but due to space limitation there will in this paper only be focus on two selected challenges, the challenges of adjusting to Chinese taste and their management structure.

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jollibee case study conclusion

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