You might want to order one for the opponent and one for yourself. Carsten Eulitz University of Konstanz , 12 June Working memory-related brain activity and networks in typically developing children and young adults. After that, give to family, friends, your dog, unassuming strangers, etc. But both of us were at Stockholm University. But after that, keep working in your manuscripts still amendable before going to Examination Board. All their workshops can be found here.

Prefrontal control of the tactile sense. You can ask around if you have people who defended recently. Aim for a minute presentation. The committee will find these, and either you will be delayed because you will need to get back to them and clarity, or you will just frustrate the committee, which is never kind nor a good idea. But, your department needs to send you an invitation to it, normally within the last month.

The number that you write in the form can still change until the final print day, but it does include all copies! I think the defense really serves two purposes. Usability of emerging technologies: The respondent is then given the opportunity to add any last minute changes or corrections, after which either the respondent or the opponent are required to give a brief presentation of the subject field and thesis. I am just re-organising their guideline in a flow that makes sense for me, plus a few practical and personal tips.

This is in your interests, as such demands help to prevent subsequent allegations of irregularities. Get permissions for reprint If you use figures or tables from other publications, you will need to ask for reprint permission. This was just like the North American questioning by the examining committee, except that it was one-on-one: According to the Administrative Procedure Act, conflict of interest refers to any circumstances in which a member of a decision-making body engaged in a discussion about or the presentation of specific material can be assumed to lack objectivity of opinion.


dissertation opponent karolinska

How many copies should I print? Some things are clear and well documented, others are rather mysterious.

The handling of the application may take months. Dissertation, Licentiate and Half Time Review. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Usually people organize some kind of drinks and snacks for a little celebration of this happy event! Gifts for your supervisors.

COI as defined by the Administrative Procedure Act Rosemarie gnam thesis to the Administrative Disssrtation Act, conflict of interest admission proofreading websites uk to any circumstances in which a member of a decision-making body engaged in a discussion about or the presentation of specific material can be assumed to lack objectivity of opinion.

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dissertation opponent karolinska

Like Liked by 1 person. Note that this is not a replacement for the guideline stipulated in KI website. This means that the final version of the thesis must be available six weeks before the public defense act, and hence an electronic version of the final thesis can be made available at that time.

dissertation opponent karolinska

And my knowledge or lack thereof was on conspicuous display, so the examining committee could be sure of it. Third checklist — after public defence application After green light from Dissertation Committee, you should be ready with your manuscripts to be sent out to the Examination Board. Dissertatkon defence of a doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Science. Download the template and put down your name and title.


Comments on examination for international opponent

Demands on the impartiality and objectivity of the Examination Board members and opponents are extremely high. Many project groups often produce original papers with several co-authors. Expensive gifts are not appropriate as you are professional colleagues. Consider also that the opponent will present before you — they might have already have basic concepts, techniques, dissertatikn some of your findings in their slides, so allow some flexibility in your own presentation. You can stop there for today!

A rather bullet-point-style and still very long post with tips to navigate the administrative part of applying for defense.

Applying for PhD defense at Karolinska Institutet – Karolinska Institutet Career Blog

Or simply stopped questioning the candidate after a few minutes? You can definitely use pictures or illustrations, just make sure you have permission to use them, and official rules say that you always need to keep room around the KI logo.

Home Dissertations from karolinska dissertqtion. Meals and drinks at the hotel or airport: Model-based exploration of interactions in the visual cortex.

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