Alianza Editorial, A pilot experience O. Pedro 1 , J. Every examination integrated 30 to 40 questions. Experimental — We developed a simple quantitative self-report questionnaire measuring ten academic emotions joy, trust, satisfaction, pleasure, enthusiasm, nervousness, frustration, concern, boredom, hopelessness through factor analysis. The outcome of the collaborative operator- expert sludge characterization process is a standard report validated by an expert analyst, which may be used as a part of the required performance documentation of WWTPs, and an online sludge sample file database for plant operators and managers.

Her academic research focuses on the interaction between visual arts and music, synaesthesia, interdisciplinary artistic works, graphic scores and integrated artistic pedagogy. Frontera 5 , D. Lack of experience is also an obstacle in finding a good job, because many employers prefer candidates who meet certain demands, than those who have good basic education. Nevertheless, in Europe, most secondary schools curricula still approach phylogeny only through comparative anatomy, embryology and physiology [1]. Additionally, after finishing the four gamification sessions, the best teams in each class participated in a final gamification activity, so that we could identify the best team in the competition. It is significant to investigate the viability of learner autonomy prior to taking any measure to promote it. Some studies highlight that satisfaction with the educational provision services significantly influences QALS [3].

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Besides that, such advancements can also assist the construction mental models of key concepts through visual representations and realistic simulations, as well as other skills and attitudes [1, 2].

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Students are expected to come prepared for the lectures. University of Valencia, Ramos 1X.

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Typical sludge bacteria assessment. Padilla 3J. Conclusions – The development and implementation of a specific informatic application for the tutoring of university students are convenient and pertinent.

Tankeleviciene 1A. Member of GexCALL research group, specialised on computer assisted language learning, she is a PhD student in the field of teaching and learning English as a second and foreign language.

Results and Discussion – The reflection logs result shows that Life Education course has positive effects on college students’ positive thinking significantly.

This is the reason for xurriculum unemployment of the youth of vjtae nation. Bricks-and- mortar campuses are unlikely to keep up with the demand for advanced education: Experimental — The experience was implemented in the Macroeconomic lectures at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Extremadura Spain. Both are considered important for regional development and, consequently, we consider that both areas merit to continuous, and even to be improved, in the region under study.

For three years of training, physical culture is on the list of compulsory disciplines for students with the form of training “Bachelor”. Maceiras 1V. Webquest is an activity carried out in work groups that consists of an inquiry-oriented activity in which the learners interact with resources from Internet. Likewise, the acquisition of practical skills and experimentation plays a curriculm role in engineering education [3].


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Is multiple case, consisting of three cases, Case I, Case II and Case III, of three curricuum of schooling 7th, 8th and 9threspectively, involving a total of 80 students from two public school of northern region of Portugal.

Gallardo 1E. The use of wikis in higher education has been common since his development in but nowadays wikis are reaching an important role particularly in health sciences [1]—[3] but also in experimental sciences like neurology [4]. El grupo ha sido reducido: To access the Internet, students use laptops primarily in Russia and the UK. Lopaeva 3O. Isabel Sanchez — Hernandez The servitization of manufacturing: Hermoso 4E.

The attempts to revive and support the former industrial giants always finished with losses and bankruptcies of such enterprises. Roda da Fortuna, 3,pp. Recipients resulting of the application pum this methodology are expected to be students of introductory courses of engineering degrees at the Industrial Engineering School of the UNEX.

On the other hand, teachers are also highly satisfied because the outcomes compensate for the hard work. The Moving Car System E.

Avakova 3 Russia,Sainct-Petersburg, Babushkina str. Corrales Serrano 1J.

An Evaluation of Existing Teaching Material.

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