Assumed office 9 November Initial exit polls suggested a victory for Prodi, but the results narrowed as the count progressed. Archived from the original on 30 March Retrieved 4 May His research covers mainly competition regulations and the development of small and medium businesses. D’Alema I Cabinet — Ecco la sua biografia e curriculum, la vita privata, la famiglia, la moglie ed i figli.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Under this treaty the member states agreed to devolve certain powers from national governments to the European Parliament across diverse areas, including legislating on immigration, adopting civil and criminal laws, and enacting foreign and security policy CFSP , as well as implementing institutional changes for expansion as new member nations join the EU. In spite of the fear of many senators that Prodi’s defeat would return Silvio Berlusconi to power, the Senate did not approve a motion backing Prodi’s government foreign policy, two votes shy of the required majority of He was a member of the Commission for Industry, Commerce and Tourism from 30 November to 14 March in the sixteenth legislature. Retrieved 11 April

Initial exit polls suggested a victory for Prodi, but the results narrowed as the count progressed. Prodi has also been a visiting professor at Harvard University and a researcher at the Stanford Research Institute. The growing criticism of the slow pace of Italian economic reform viae Letta increasingly isolated.

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This page was last edited on 5 Marchat Secretary to the Cabinet — Herman Van Rompuy Donald Tusk. It was during Prodi’s presidency, inthat 11 EU member states ditched their national currencies and adopted the euro as their common currency.

curriculum vitae di massimo dalema

InPrime Minister Massimo D’Alema confirmed Monti’s appointment to the new Prodi Commission and he was given one of the most powerful positions at the Commission, with responsibility for Competition. On 24 AprilLetta was invited to form a government by President Giorgio Napolitanoafter the resignation of Pier Luigi Bersani following weeks of political deadlock after the general election.


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Later, other Italian members of the European Commission claimed Prodi had invented this story to conceal the real source of the tip-off, which they believed to have originated somewhere among the far-left Italian political groups.

During his presidency Prodi approved the sale of twenty-nine companies in the group the largest one was Alfa Romeowhich was privatized inthe reduction of the number of employees, the liquidation of Finsider, Italsider and Italstat companies, extraordinary operations in important companies like STET and Finmeccanica and the attempted sale of Southern Electricity Company SME to the CIR group of Carlo De Benedetti ; however this operation was heavily hindered by the government of Bettino Craxi.

curriculum vitae di massimo dalema

On 19 AprilItaly’s Supreme Court of Cassation ruled that Prodi had indeed won the election, winning control of the Chamber of Deputies by only 24, votes out of more than 38 million votes cast, and winning seats in the Senate to for Berlusconi’s coalition. Prime Minister of Italy — Retrieved 28 April In foreign policy, the Prodi II Cabinet continued the engagement in Afghanistanunder UN command, while withdrawing troops from post-invasion Iraq on 18 Maywhen Prodi laid out some sense of his new foreign policypledging to withdraw Italian troops from Iraq and called the Iraq War a “grave mistake that has not solved but increased the problem of security”.

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After spending part of his childhood in Strasbourg [4] he completed his schooling in Italy at the liceo classico Galileo Galilei in Pisa. Retrieved 29 June Prodi II Cabinet —8.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Associated Press25 February Monti was a member of the independents’ mixed parliamentary group until 19 Marchwhen he joined the Civic Choice SC parliamentary group, becoming the masaimo lifetime senator aligned with a party group.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mario Monti. This article is part of a series about Romano Prodi. Monti served as a European Commissioner from towith responsibility for the Internal Market, ServicesCustoms and Taxation from to and for Competition from to Prodi’s government fell in when the Communist Refoundation Party withdrew its external support. Prodi is also a member of the Club de Madrid, an international organization of former democratic statesmen, which works to strengthen democratic governance and leadership.

Italian centre-left primary election, For his activities in this period Prodi would later twice come curricukum investigation curriuclum firstly for an alleged conflict of interest in relation to contracts awarded to his own economic research company in relation to the Italdel- Siemens dalemz, and secondly concerning the sale of the loss-making state-owned food conglomerate SME to the multinational Unileverfor which he had previously been a paid consultant.

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Retrieved 15 November Retrieved 21 November Archived from daleam original on 2 February Minister of Foreign Affairs Acting Prime Minister of Italy — Retrieved 7 June It was intended to help the Albanian government restore law and order in their troubled country after the rebellion in Albania. Dal 27 marzo ricopre il ruolo di Presidente della Commissione speciale per esame ddl di conversione di dii legge del Senato della Repubblica.

Letta could thus continue his Grand coalition government.

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