Define and differentiate between the terms dose form and delivery system. Medication Assistant Course Purpose of this submission: Yakima Valley College Catalog Steve Rough, MS, More information. Explain the concept of hormones and how they regulate the body Discuss thyroid replacement therapy Discuss adrenal sex hormones and male dysfunction Understand the concept of hormone replacement therapy Understand the formulation of oral contraceptives Recognize the urgent need for drugs used at delivery Discuss corticosteroids Understand diabetes and the proper treatment and care of patients Know the applications for growth hormone Understand the cardiovascular system Know the drugs and treatment for each type of heart disease Recognize anticoagulant and anti platelet drugs and know their functions Discuss stroke and the drugs used to treat it SI

Topics will include application of antitrust laws to pharmacy, patent and trademark More information. Identify the function of various commonly used pharmaceutical reference texts. Classify seizures and the goals of their therapy. It focuses on a general More information. Understand the rights of correct drug administration, and the immunization process. Medication Assistant Course Purpose of this submission: Complete a drug product information form.

Program: Pharmacy Technician Studies, AAS – Yakima Valley College – Acalog ACMS™

Licensed Scope of Practice Adapted from: Practicum in Health b. For More Information Administrative details and procedures. Student Life and Services. Stryker s healthcare plan provides benefits for covered prescription drugs, including contraceptives, insulin and diabetic supplies.


coursework 104 ptce final exam

To discuss the difference between herbal remedies v. Define the phrase route of administration. Benefits are available More information. Understand the use of ratios and proportions in the pharmacy.

The student should be able prce demonstrate knowledge of sterile technique. Identify units of household measures and convert between them. Classify seizures and the goals of their therapy. May include any or all of the following: To map out a plan to land their Dream Job in the field of pharmacy.

coursework 104 ptce final exam

Recognize, define, spell, and pronounce medical terminology and its word part of the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Describe the four stages of development of the pharmacy profession in the twentieth century.

Authority Section 2. Convert body weight between kilograms and pounds. Explain the licensing requirements for pharmacists.

coursework 104 ptce final exam

Areas of specialty More information. After successful completion of this national exam, graduates will earn the ptcd of a nationally recognized Certified Pharmacy Technician CPhT.

This course provides students with an understanding of the basic pharmacy calculations, interpret Roman and Arabic numbers and read scientific notation. This course introduces students to the role of the pharmacy technician in a retail, or institutional pharmacy.


The students must complete at least hours of practice under the preceptorship of pharmacists.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students desiring extra assistance may arrange for tutoring through their instructors Safety Rules: Downloaded January 19 13 D8T.

Pharmacy Technician Studies, AAS

Presence in class is vital to understanding the material. A program application is required and up to twenty students are accepted annually. Dear Prospective Paralegal Student: Graduates can find More information. Perform calculations while retaining accuracy and the correct number of significant figures. I acknowledge that I have received the syllabus for CourseworkPharmacology and the Human Body and that my instructor has reviewed it with me.

Demonstrate how to interpret prescriptions and medication orders. Define and Identify medications used for the treatment fonal pulmonary disease.

Describe the project regarding the difference between herbal remedies and prescription drugs.

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