The reason Arsenal’s Mkhitaryan isn’t playing in the Europa League final 9 hours ago 9 hours ago. I think we should not have homework because sometimes when you’re doing your homework you can get very stressed. Your Comments Join the conversation. Members of the organisation believe that traditional homework is important. Madeine, 10, Corfe Mullen. However, the truth is it’s hard to know.

Maybe you don’t get any but would like to. Click here for more information. But as you get older, you will generally take more responsibility for doing your homework on your own. Tweet by Gary Lineker. Let us know what you think? Madeine, 10, Corfe Mullen.

Unsworth primary school Stone age website. I got 4 pieces of homework from 1 teacher which each took 30 minutes And I get 4 30 minutes pieces a day. Electricity – learn about circuits explore and play games related to circuits.

Homework, but not as newsrouhd know it 9 Jan 9 January National Geographic kids animal facts.

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Dame Reena Keeble, an ex-primary school head teacher who led the report, told Newsround: Adults face Newsround’s children’s panel. Should there be a limit on how much TV you can watch?


What kind of homework would you prefer? – CBBC Newsround

A to Z of animal facts. I think that homework should be given out but I think it should only be 2 sheets or something and only take 5 newsrohnd a week to do it.

Some people think homework puts too much pressure on you. Homework, but not as you know it.

Is homework a good idea or not? – CBBC Newsround

Let us know what you think? Madeine, 10, Corfe Mullen. Recently, a report was done by an organisation called the Teaching Schools Council, which works with homeworm government and schools in England.

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cbbc newsround homework

Like comment 26 if you agree! Adjective detective A range of games and activities related to adjectives. People have been trying to find out if homework is a good thing or a bad thing for many years. Maths playground Homedork website crammed full of maths games – try them out!

But what do you think? BBC Victorians homepage A good starting place for research.

The reason Arsenal’s Mkhitaryan isn’t playing in the Europa League final. Why is steel in the news?

Drought information and video – Newsround. They think it puts too much pressure newsound them and that the time spent doing homework could be used to do other activities.


Fractions 1 A wide variety of Fraction based games including equivalent fractions. I think I would quite like the sound homeworm doing reading and arithmetic because at school I do arithmetic and I do really well in it. Should your newsroud do it differently? Top tips for making new friends 1 Sep 1 September Posted by sensationalbutterfly Your Comments Join the conversation.

New cheese made from celebrity armpit bacteria 1 hour ago 1 hour ago.

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Telling our kids to now give up on homework seems a silly response to this. Posted xbbc Sparkly Potter Penguin National Geographic animal facts.

cbbc newsround homework

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