Retrieved 18 December J Anim Ecol The book also mentions two accounts of the Bonbibi story of “Dukhey’s Redemption”. Nowadays tigers are also coming more frequently to the buffer area and thus TPS or crab collection in these rivers, are more dangerous. As suggested by Allendorf and Luikart [ 79 ], we also calculated F ST for each locus between the subpopulations.

Five extant tiger subspecies have been recognized on the basis of geographic distribution and morphological characteristics [ 1 ]. In a river trip for a day or two, usual payment per person is Rs. Another widow, now 32 years old also lost her husband and brother-in-law in the same incident of tiger attack shortly after her marriage. A Bayesian approach as described by Rannala and Mountain [ 61 ] was used along with a resampling algorithm of Paetkau et al. Although never examined in detail, Sundarbans tigers are considered as distinct from other subspecies and are traditionally assigned to Bengal tigers P. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Fuel wood collection is done by both solitary and group activity.

Sixty percent of the area lies in Bangladesh with the remaining area in India. Altogether, both historical and genetic evidence support the fact that Sundarbans tigers were connected by gene flow with other mainland tigers from peninsular India until very recent.

Eco-psychiatry and Environmental Conservation: Study from Sundarban Delta, India

Retrieved 31 March Thousands of people have turned to collecting tiger prawn seeds for ready cash. Our study revealed relatively low levels of genetic variation in Sundarbans tigers, using both mitochondrial sequence and nuclear genetic markers.

case study on sundarban national park

Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. Constituencies Speaker Local government: This is due to a combination of flora caes about species of wildlife, including the Gangetic factors including land subsistence patterns. The summer months of March—July is the flowering season of the mangroves and thus of honey collection and this is also the period nafional the salinity in the rivers reach at its peak and this is also the period when tigers are becoming more man-eater.

Extending our analysis to include populations from different regions also provide a much broader bio-geographical framework within which to interpret data on the isolated tiger population of Sundarbans. In PTSD, frightening memory flash-backs related with the animal attack, mainly of tiger The the present and future generations and to integrate conservation of biodiversity and forests is primarily governed environmental concerns into policies, plans, programmes, and by the Sundarbban Forest Act,Forest Conservation Act, projects for economic and social development.


In order to infer whether dispersal between tiger populations Peninsular, northern, and Sundarbans is sex-biased, we estimated the relative amount of male and female gene flow following the approach of Hedrick et al. The additional climate burden is a result of unchecked emissions in State Government needs to strategise new embankment the developed world over the last two centuries and has little engineering and resources should be channelized towards in- to do with the way locals in India have lived for ages.

It is possible because present population of Sundarbans was part of a large contiguous population of Central India Peninsular in the recent past. We inferred a very recent demographic event in Sundarbans tiger population and given sufficient time, this may lead to reproductive isolation of Sundarbans tigers. It is only possible by a strong political will that account ecological value for need-based management of community as well as forest by the Government 49 Some of the principal objectives of the said policy are to protect and pwrk critical ecological systems and resources, The Indian environment legislative framework broadly to ensure equitable access to environmental resources and comprises of the Environment Protection Act, kkthe quality for all sections of society, to ensure judicious use of Water Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, ll, and environmental ssundarban to meet the needs and aspirations of the Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, mm.

Incidents of man-animal conflict in Gir reach an alarming level.

It represents the brackish swamp forests that lie behind the Sundarbans Mangroveswhere the salinity is more pronounced. Very natkonal one such devastating incident of Crocodile attack took place here where the woman was killed during TPS collection but because of the shouting of the villagers, crocodile left her body. The Sundarbans area is one of the most densely populated in the world, and the population is increasing.


The region supports mangroves, including: In addition, we found two new haplotypes that were shared only among Sundarbans tigers.

case study on sundarban national park

A network of water courses intersect with a highly variable landscape, including sand bars, mud flats and mangrove islands UNESCO, i. This, coupled with sundafban around 1. Is it achieving rural livelihood development? Moulay is a especially skilled persons who can identify the beehives in the forest by observing the directions of the flying bees and they also possess supernatural power to sense forest dangers.

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Later, a shift in the course of river Ganges brought changes in the agricultural land use in the areas adjoining the Sundarbans [ 87 ]. Sttudy implications This study gives the first description of the genetic diversity and population structure of Sundarbans tigers and as such should be used for their conservation management. Stufy Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning. Non-timber forest products and plantations help generate considerable employment and income opportunities for at least half a million poor coastal people.

Table 2b shows the present status of the survived spouses of the victims.

Eco-psychiatry and Environmental Conservation: Study from Sundarban Delta, India

Another threat comes from deforestation and water diversion from the rivers inland, which causes far more silt to be brought to the estuary, clogging up the waterways. The absence of first generation migrants, high assignment probabilities to the population of origin, and low long-term migration between Peninsular and Sundarbans populations as estimated by the Bayesian methods may suggest sex-biased dispersal between these populations until very recent times.

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