Branch office users must be able to connect to the central site to access company information. Advanced routing, VPNs, redundant WAN links, application content caching, and local IP telephony call processing features are available with high levels of resilience for all the branch offices. After UDLD detects the unidirectional link, the respective port is disabled, and an error message is generated. Complete the following steps:. Integrated security and identity-based networking services enable the enterprise to extend campus security policies to the teleworker. Now, rather than designing networks using only the hierarchical model, networks can be designed using this Cisco Enterprise Architecture, with hierarchy access, distribution, and core included in the various modules, as required.

Using First-Hop Redundancy Protocols If Layer 2 is used between the Building Access switch and the Building Distribution switch, convergence time when a link or node fails depends on default gateway redundancy and failover time. The following sections examine these factors. Before this became available, Different types of application communication result in varying network demands. However, you do need to assume answers for your critical questions. It provides aggregation of the access layer networks using multilayer switching. If one of the links or distribution layer devices fails, convergence is extremely fast, because the failure is detected in hardware and there is no need for the routing protocol to recalculate a new path; it just continues to use one of the paths already in its routing table.

case study acmc hospital network campus design

For example, real-time applications such as VoIP and stock trading might have to be forwarded with the least latency hospitao jitter. IP multicast capabilities provide optimized bandwidth consumption, and QoS features ensure that real-time traffic such as voice, video, or critical data is not dropped or delayed. Justify your ideas when they differ from the provided solutions.

Describe how the Enterprise Data Center has hos;ital to a service-centric model from a server-centric model.

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Designing Basic Campus and Data Center Networks — Cabling is one of the biggest long-term investments in network deployment. However, it can require other features and functionalities that increase the overall cost.


The netwodk follows the Cisco multilayer infrastructure netwirk, including core, aggregation, and access layers. Note that multilayer switches are typically more expensive than their Layer 2 counterparts; however, multilayer functionality can be obtained by adding cards and software to a modular Layer 2 switch. Cisco does not hos;ital this practice, however, because the risk of lost connectivity without STP is far greater than any STP information that might be revealed.

Now, rather than designing networks using only the hierarchical model, networks can be designed using this Cisco Enterprise Architecture, with hierarchy access, distribution, and core included in the various modules, as required.

For management purposes, an out-of-band network connection a network on which no production traffic travels to all network components is recommended. A company keeps all its servers and workstations within hospihal building. NOTE One-way servers have a single processor, two-way servers have two processors, and four-way servers have four processors.

This redundancy allows a network to recover from the failure of the device acting as the default gateway for end nodes on a physical segment. As a result, twisted-pair cables are sorted into networ. The required bandwidth in a particular segment of the network, or the connection speed between the nodes inside or outside the building.

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Centralized servers are typically grouped into a server farm located in the Enterprise Campus or in a separate data center. Servers in a medium-sized campus can be connected directly to Campus Core switches, making the servers closer to the users than if the servers were in a Server Farm, as illustrated in Figure This chapter camups general campus switching and data center design considerations.

An optional IP phone can be provided to take advantage of a centralized Cisco Unified Communications system. These routers calculate, using the unicast routing table, whether they have a better metric to the RP or to the source itself; they forward the join message to the device with the better metric.


Post a comment Name The Cisco Enterprise Architecture does just that: Will the VLANs on the switch be unique or spread across multiple switches?

Devices replicate the data only if they need to send it out on multiple interfaces to reach all members of the destination group. When implementing the Building Distribution layer, consider the following questions: Different types of application communication result in varying network demands. Help Center Find new research papers in: For enterprises with moderate server requirements, common servers are located in a separate Server Farm module connected to the Campus Core layer using multilayer server distribution switches, as illustrated in Figure If they are sufficiently large to require additional design or operational separation, these specialized functional modules can then be designed hierarchically with the access, distribution, and core layers.

For example, a server can attach by one or two Fast Ethernet connections. Designers can describe each network application and service on a per-module basis and validate each as part of the complete enterprise network design. Another option is to place Cisco Catalyst Series switches like bookends near the ends of the row of racks so that there are fewer switches to manage.

case study acmc hospital network campus design

The switch performance and the bandwidth of the links from the Server Farm to the Campus Core are not the only considerations. The Enterprise Data Center module has an architecture that is similar to the campus Server Farm module discussed earlier. VLANs cannot span across the multilayer switch.

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