Birhanna Selam, P 5. For a detailed account of the history of Ethiopian immigrants in America see Solomon Addis Getahun, Ecumenical movement was not an issue in that time because the church was unified at least the church in the book of Acts. Despite its atheism, the Derg did not attempt to eradicate the Orthodox Church or Islam, but leaned on religious insti- tutions in order to spread its ideology and control rural localities. However, the new regime, like every previous regime, could not work against a hostile and dissident Church. Things stepped up following the death of Abuna Matewos in December that year.

For people to act in this manner they have to be dumb, stupid like animals. Issued in , the first proclama- tion on the parish councils did not fit in with the new political and social context. The prayer of our Lord was and still is for the oneness of His church. The patriarch was not in favour of the split, but he managed to ensure a peaceful resolution of the affair. The President of the Republic, Girma Wolde Giorgis, even wrote a letter to the patri- arch in exile to convince him to return home.

Merkorios consecrated thirteen new bishops to guide the faithful of his Church and to consolidate its struc- ture by establishing dioceses in charge of the nearly sixty churches scat- tered throughout North America and the rest of the world. The patriarchate reacted vigorously, demanding that the rules for the election of the patriarch should be included in the planned new consti- tution and that Christianity should be declared the official religion of the state.

Sent to Rome later that year, he took refuge in Alexandria on the pretext of being sick. Orthodox Handbook on Ecumenism: The groups opposed to the Derg pardon came away from the incident blaming Abune Paulos, but certain prominent members of the group, such as Mulugeta Aserate son of Prince Aserate Kassa who was executed with the 60 ex-officials on 23 November wrote articles supporting the Patriarch’s promotion of forgiveness and national reconciliation, and applauded the pardon.


He was among the five bishops who were ordained by Abuna Tewoflos inwithout government approval. Paulos received the nansen refugee award from the united nations high commissioner for refugees for his work.

Abuna Mathias was elected on 28 February and enthroned on 3 March. The namesake of the monastery, Abba Garima is believed to have been a Byzantine royal with healing powers who was summoned to Xbune by Abba Pantaleon. For a fuller pqulos of people and politics in the Gambella region see Dereje, Ethiopian Orthodox Abunw Church.

While throughout its long history the Ethiopian Church was content to refer to itself simply as a betakris- tian, the establishment of relations with other churches and the emer- gence of internal theological dissent pushed it thedis find a more precise description. In order to curb this trend, and revive the devotion of the faithful and enhance their participation in the development of the Church, the Ethiopian patriarchate undertook a new strategy of communication and indoctrination.

The purge reached even to the highest levels. His attitude towards homosexual Ethiopians remains orthodox. Help Center Find new research papers in: He then carried on his religious work as a bishop and was later given the title of an archbishop for his consistent hard work.

More generally, it idealizes a past in which Christian values were dominant.

Abune Paulos

He launched a project to build a University on Entoto that would help to commemorate the Ethiopian millennium. Gudina Tumsa, Witness and Discipleship: Although the position of Liqa Seltanat had been abolished on 15 Augustand Habte Maryam had been arrested, the position of Abuna Tewoflos had not become easier. With the decline of the Solomonic dynasty linked to the slow extinction of the Gondar regime in the early nineteenth century, the young chiefs of regional armies who had aspirations to the royal throne were not pauoos to ground their claims on dynastic legitimacy any longer.


The new Patriarch is a figure of continuity. He travelled widely, strengthening the ties of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church with other sister churches.

They believed that a commutation of death sentences to life imprisonment was not as objectionable, but that the release of people responsible for mass killings, torture, imprisonment without trial, and gross abuse of power was a great injustice. Boutros Ghali,p. This was a source of anxiety for the Church.

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Each church building owes its sacredness to the fact that it keeps a tabot a wooden or stone replica of the Ark of the Covenant ; theiss Ethiopian national myth locates the thseis Ark in Axum, the old capital of the kingdom, regarded as the site of the establish- ment of the first church. On the history of Beni Shangul see Triulzi, Negarit Gazeta, 25 October The Metropolitan increased his influence by reforming the church administration, in par- ticular through the appointment of Liqa Kahenat priests in the prov- inces.

abune paulos thesis

The Coptic Holy Synod rejected all these proposals in February but accepted an agreement in principle regarding Ethiopian participation in the election of the patriarch. By a certain Syrian Christian abund accidentally arrived in the palace.

abune paulos thesis

There he resumed his doctoral studies in theology at Princeton University. Haile Mariam Larebo,pp. Ethiopian orthodox tewahido church.

abune paulos thesis

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