Yet the facia is not in the normal place, but tucked away at the bottom where it cannot get in the way. Thesis JTD 20v Emblema. The Thesis can therefore be fitted with all the special devices that make driving easier for the disabled. IT Torino – To. In order to be visible on our site, submit your listing via one of our partner sites. Why create an account?

Criterias Latest alert Last email. The Dialogos is also fitted with rear footrests built into the back of the front seats. For the motorist, this means being able to benefit from a full range of gears with discreet guidance from the control unit the sound of a buzzer and a warning on the control panel if the engine is revved too much or too little. Save your listings Create your account in just a few moments! The two litre engines, emblema example, are absolutely outstanding when compared with other engines of the same capacity offered by cae competition. For reversing manoeuvres, the driver needs to operate a lever switch located inside the central console. Nabuk is abundantly in evidence and the oddments compartments are made out of deformable material covered in soft wood.

And click on the “create an alert” button. The opportunity to live in an environment that is simultaneously ideal microclimate and living room while also offering a stress-free drive.

LANCIA THESIS lancia thesis jtd 20v cae emblema Used – the parking

Combined with lancia technical efficiency required to keep running costs down. A big central column under the facia in the middle divides the two front seats to leave room for a high, wide armrest. Case study syn head-restraints and armrests look like cushions thrown artfully onto a sofa at home. The roof is trimmed with a wool blend cloth and silk.


Ventilation and lighting of the preferred colour and intensity are diffused through breathable trim. The car interior lights up by itself a little touch of magic. The headlamps automatically adapt light beam intensity to external conditions. This also means being able to live in an environment attuned to our current jtx, that allows us to experience a new type of comfort.

All this and more make up the Dialogos. The driver can select the language, graphics analogue or digitalbackground colour, character size and is able to zoom in on a particular function. Another important feature is the elastokinematic toe-in, which increases car stability on corners. In practice, this means that the steering column is located in the middle when at rest to allow the driver to get into the car. Air does not circulate in this system. Now for the 3.

The car admired by visitors to lancka Lancia stand is a paradox: Ventilation and lighting of the preferred colour and thesis are diffused through breathable trim. Once all data have been processed, ideal conditions can be created.

Save your listings Create your account in just a few moments! The front door opens immediately, the car moves up or down according to the height of the motorist and the seat turns thwsis outward to receive the driver. Do you want to replace it by this one or adding it by subscribing to our premium version and profit of its benefits?


Lancia thesis 2.4 jtd 20v cae emblema – Modifications LANCIA THESIS ()

IT Emmblema – To. The materials and components inside the passenger compartment have been chosen to meet the needs of superior quality of life on board.

lancia thesis 2.4 jtd 20v cae emblema

These are the recent novelties on this range. Flexibility to the widest range of needs and great functionality.

lancia thesis 2.4 jtd 20v cae emblema

As with the robotised transmission, feeling management maps are stored on the Ego Card. These hints are immediately denied by an interplay of smooth curves and meblema edges, cae speaks a completely new and appealing stylistic language. You are now in the best conditions.

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The headlamps automatically adapt light beam intensity to external conditions. Compartments and spaces are present, but hidden, waiting to open when needed. Four customised microclimates are created by measuring perceived heat by means of detectors fitted in the seats. The Thesis offers a pallet of 12 different body shades. The credit for this goes to a power unit that balances torque at low speed and maximum power with outstanding panache.

Screens and keyboards, minibar, table and document holders can appear at will from the clean, uncluttered lines of the interior.

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