Swami Vivekananda the revered sage of India dressed in flowing orange robe and with a vision in his divine eyes often addressed his audience by his speeches which ignited the fire of determination in them and inspired them to do marvelous feats. In those days the conditions of travelling were quite different altogether. Swami Vivekananda was a great philosopher and spiritual leader of our country. As he said “Awake great ones. The problems only follow you, wherever you go and whatever you do. Our jewellery celebrates life, our culture and our passions.

As soon as he did that, they fell back and fled! B March 22nd, at 2: Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. As he said “Awake great ones. Visibly annoyed, he now asked each student what he had been lecturing on.

Here, he was surrounded by a troop of large monkeys. The falling of an apple gave the suggestion to Newton, and he studied his own mind; he rearranged all the previous links of thought in his mind and discovered a new vivekanabdas among them, which we call the law of gravitation.

After some time had passed, the teacher heard the wishpering and understood what was going on! Me 45 year old business man now a day undergoing lot of mental pressure. Not meek and lazy. This continued for three days and Vivekananda found no time to eat or drink.


Swami Vivekananda – The Flame That Inspires Millions

National Youth Day is celebrated on 12 January. The words are so provoking and powerful that after reading this a sense of calmness ensues. There are certain works which are, as it were, the aggregate, the sum-total, of a large number of smaller works. The man from ezsay this veil is being lifted is the more knowing man; the man upon whom it lies thick is ignorant, and the man from whom it has entirely gone is all-knowing, omniscient.

Doesn’t all this tell us about the power, which we have within ourselves? If u read swami vivekananda books vivekxnandas will have answers to all questions and there will be no question in your mind.

But, is it difficult to overcome them? But the eagerness to serve a monk overpowered his fear. The National Youth Day is observed all over India at schools and colleges, with speeches, music, youth conventions, seminars, Yogasanas, presentations and competitions in essay-writing on 12 January every year.

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Amazing Life incidents of Swami Vivekananda | Spiritual Bangalore

Do all of them top the class? This is an excellent collection of inspiring stories. Vivekananda is regarded as a patriotic saint and his birthday is celebrated in India as National Youth Day.

essay on lesson i learn from swami vivekanandas life

Sir, thanks a million for your nice post. If we follow his path …we wll become Valuable Persons. He then asked all the students except Narendra to stand up on the bench. But, determination of the sense of responsibility will take us to the summit of real mountains. Visibly annoyed, he now asked learj student what he had been lecturing on.


essay on lesson i learn from swami vivekanandas life

After all, our fate is not written in god’s books, not decided by him, but is in our own hands. My attitude towards life changed completely. S ome quotes from Swami Wssay that sparkle with wisdom:. Looking for University or College admissions in India for – academic year? Purity, patience, and perseverance are the three essentials to success, and above all, love.

I n studying the great characters the world has produced, I dare say, in the vast majority of cases, it would vivekanwndas found that it was misery that taught me more than happiness; it was poverty that taught more than wealth; it was blows that brought out my vigekanandas fire more than praise. Once, Vivekananda was spending some time at a railway station in Rajasthan.

Hope you liked this article. He took them and filled his bag. This was Swamiji favorite tree and he loved to dangle head down from it!

It has been said in the Upanishads.

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